We secure it all, so you don’t have to worry!


Keep your home secure!
You are here because you are concerned about keeping unwanted people from entering your property, using your driveway, dumping garbage and stealing your belongings. You don’t want them on your property, and we understand that.

We are dedicated to providing you, your family and business with high quality gates, access control systems and automatic gate openers. Not only is the initial installation very important to us, the continued, long term operation is also. First rate products, combined with appropriate design, proper security installation, talented service people and service after the sale is what we are all about.

Security Gate and Access puts you in charge of your property. You control who comes and goes. Not the bad guys!

HOA Services

HOA groups are important to Security Gate and Access.
Providing quality service to Home Owner Associations is an important part of our business. It is quite frustrating to have your home’s security in a defenseless state, imagine what it is like to be part of an association of home owners when this occurs.

We offer prompt service and repair to keep your gates, access controls and systems operating as they should.
Our service technicians are highly trained and certified in the repair and maintenance of security gate and access systems. We know automated openers, gate design and operation, and access control systems. We can repair damaged gates, replace damaged gate operators, fix damaged control boxes, rewire control boxes and in general keep you gate system operating as it should. Our crews are available for emergency repairs, let us know what you need.

In addition we provide service contracts that keep your systems working properly, giving the homeowners within your group peace of mind. It is not uncommon for apartment houses, housing complexes and condominiums to have damaged gate and controllers. Poor drivers or vandals often run into or purposely destroy and harm gates. Keeping these units operating as they should can be a major headache. Our repair crews are available for repairs and replacement of damaged or broken systems. Our service contracts can provide peace of mind that your residents can enter and exit without an issue. Late night phone calls to complain they are locked out or in aren’t much fun.


Commercial Gates, Industrial Gates and Access Systems
While the majority of our work is for residential, HOA’s and such we also offer commercial and industrial gates and access systems. Keeping these properties protected and intruders at bay is very important to us too. Be it a parking lot that needs a barrier gate to control access to a secured parking lot, a supply company that wants to keep unwanted individuals out or someone with lots of copper wire that they don’t want to have stolen we can help. We are familiar with and are trained in designing and building secure systems. We can work with you to provide card activated readers, cameras, cell phone actuated gate operators and appropriate gates for your companies needs.

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