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Security Gate and Access exists to make your home secure. We care about your peace of mind, your family's safety, and your property. If someone asks you, "Is Your Home Secure?" We work to answer with a resounding, "YES!"

We always strive for perfection in these 4 areas. We end up delivering just excellence .


We hear the complaints all the time and provide solutions to your concerns. Too many desperate people want to access or have what you own and have worked hard for. A call to Security Gate and Access can help solve your problems and protect your property. Responsible people safeguard their families and property. A quality built and properly installed security gate and access system designed and installed by Security Gate and Access can do this!


Once we have installed your gate, access system or automatic gate openers we don’t forget about you. Confirming that the items, system or installation is done properly and continues to work well is important. We offer maintenance contracts to assure you that your system will continue to work properly. The more often your gate is used the more beneficial this service is.
We do not compromise on your safety or of those whom may enter or exit through one of our gate systems. Following the guidelines provided by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Underwriters Laboratory assures you that we are following industry standards. We are concerned with the spacing of openings, the automatic safety stop devices, proper location of keypads and such. We don’t want you, your family, your pets, neighbors or visitors to be injured.


Whoever you hire to install your gate should be licensed and insured to do the work. It’s for your protection. We are! Surprisingly some fence companies do not hold that license and are not supposed to be doing that kind of work. They may not even have a contractors license, we do.
We use the best processes available to build your gate and help you select the most appropriate and cost effective solutions. We take pride in the way we fabricate our gates and use a process to powder coat that is superior. We sand blast the metal, cook it to bring out the impurities, apply an primer of epoxy, heat it again, apply the top powder coat and heat a 3rd time. Most shops either paint or use just a top coat on the metal. We live in a place that gets lots of rain and metals need to be protected.
Our hinges are welded on the posts and gate prior to powder coating so there is no welding in the field. When you weld on the gate with out replacing the protective coating you leave a place for rust to start. The hinges we use have sealed ball bearings and do not require any grease. Which reduces any maintenance on the gate. It also reduces rust streaks running down your gate.


We work with you to provide the best solution. We realize that the price of your gate is of major concern. It is important to us too, we want to provide you with a gate system that will operate flawlessly for a long time. There are lots of choices in operators. Operators or openers as some people call them need to function in a wide variety of conditions and through many opening and closing cycles.
Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable equipment that fits your budget. When you drive up to the gate and push that button it needs to work! We certainly do not want the liability and more importantly we do not want to build something for you that is not safe. Especially if you have young children. Many are injured every year on gates that are not protected.

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